Beef Steak from Boiled Meat with Onions


150 g meat (tenderloin)
25 g butter
50 g onions

Remove sinews and fat from meat, pound it with a meat mallet and shape it as a pancake. Grease bottom of the skillet with butter, put meat on skillet and pour it over with water so that meat is covered half way. Close lid and boil for 5-7 minutes, then remove meat, let it dry a little and fry it in butter from both sides.
Slice onions, divide them into rings, boil in water until half-ready. Drain onions then fry them in butter. Put fried onions on top of beef steak and serve.
For garnish serve fried potatoes or squash, pumpkin, cabbage or cauliflower, lettuce.

This recipe is for patients with heart, kidney disease and high blood pressure.

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