Canned Fruit Compote

Canned fruit compote with apples, pears, peaches, apricots, cherries, etc should be transferred to dessert bowls before serving. Large fruit, for example apples or pears, should be cut into smaller slices before being covered with syrup. To improve taste of canned compote — drain syrup from fruit into a pot, add sugar to taste, and, if necessary, add a little lemon juice or lemon acid, bring the pot to boil and take off heat. Cool before serving. To flavor the syrup — add lemon or orange zest while it is still hot, or a little bit of wine (Port wine, Madeira, or Muscat) or liqueur when it is cool.

Canned compote from different fruit can be mixed together before serving — make following combinations — peaches and greengage, apples and plums, apricots and cherries.

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