Lamb or Pork Shashlik with Eggplants

Cut fatty lamb or pork into medium-sized pieces, season with salt, thread on a skewer and grill until done over glowing coal, rotating the skewer frequently.

Prepared meat can be threaded onto the skewers alternating with pieces of onions or kidneys (cut in half).

Serve cooked shashlik on a skewer or take it off the skewers and serve it on a plate decorated with parsley and scallions.

Lamb shashlik can be served together with grilled eggplants. To grill eggplants — thoroughly wash small eggplants, make a shallow lengthwise cut in the middle of eggplant, put a little bit of salt and pepper together with a small piece of lamb tail fat, and — if desired — some herbs (parsley, cilantro, mint). Thread prepared eggplants onto a skewer and grill over glowing coals, first on a side of the cut, then on the other side of the eggplants, until they become soft.

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