Toasted What Porridge with Butter

Lightly toast picked over wheat kernels in a skillet, then coarsely mill toasted wheat and sift it through a sieve.

Put milled wheat into a pot and cook until half-done, then add bran, mix well, and continue cooking until done. Season porridge with salt and remove from heat.

Transfer cooked porridge to serving plates and top with butter or clarified butter.

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Boiled Corn on a Cob

Put whole cobs of corn into a pot (if the cob is too big — break it in half), add boiling water to cover, cover the pot and bring it to boil.

When corn is cooked take it out of the water, set on a serving plate and serve hot. Serve salt and butter on a side.

Corn can also be cooked in salted water, in which case do not serve salt. Only young corn should be cooked this way.

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