Tongue on a Skewer

Wash and dry thoroughly cleaned tongue, thread it on a skewer and cook until done over glowing charcoals. From time to time baste the tongue with lightly-salted water.

Cooked tongue should be served instantly on a warm plate, decorated with sliced tomatoes and scallions.

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Kidneys Cooked on a Skewer with Pomegranate Sauce

Wash kidneys, cut into smaller pieces but do not remove the fat, season with salt, thread on a metal skewer and cook over glowing coals until done.

Take cooked kidneys off the skewer, put into a small pot, add finely chopped onions and saute 2-3 minutes, then add pomegranate juice to the pot.

To make pomegranate sauce squeeze juice from a few pomegranates, add (to taste) garlic crushed together with chili peppers, cilantro, and salt to the juice and mix well.

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Lamb or Pork Shashlik with Eggplants

Cut fatty lamb or pork into medium-sized pieces, season with salt, thread on a skewer and grill until done over glowing coal, rotating the skewer frequently.

Prepared meat can be threaded onto the skewers alternating with pieces of onions or kidneys (cut in half).

Serve cooked shashlik on a skewer or take it off the skewers and serve it on a plate decorated with parsley and scallions.

Lamb shashlik can be served together with grilled eggplants. To grill eggplants — thoroughly wash small eggplants, make a shallow lengthwise cut in the middle of eggplant, put a little bit of salt and pepper together with a small piece of lamb tail fat, and — if desired — some herbs (parsley, cilantro, mint). Thread prepared eggplants onto a skewer and grill over glowing coals, first on a side of the cut, then on the other side of the eggplants, until they become soft.

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