Spring Chicken or Young Chicken on a Skewer

Wash young chicken or a spring chicken, cut it long the breast, unfold and flatten the bird, season with salt on both side, thread on a skewer and cook over glowing charcoal until fully cooked.

Chicken can also be cooked differently. Season whole young or spring chicken with salt inside and outside, put giblets and feet inside the chicken and sew the chicken closed with  coarse thread. Put prepared chicken onto a skewer and grill until done over glowing charcoals.

Chickens can be stuffed with different stuffing before cooking.

Stuffing I

Mix cooked rice, soaked dried pitted dogberries, prunes, barberries, and clarified butter, or cooked rice, soaked dried pitted dogberries, and softened in butter onions. Season with salt. Ingredients for one young or spring chicken: rice — 50-70 g, dried pitted dogberries — 30-50 g, pitted prunes — 30-50 g, dried barberries — 10-15 g, clarified butter — 50-70 g, salt — to taste.

Stuffing II

Pass onions, pitted prunes, and seedless raisins through a meat grinder. Add vegetable oil or clarified butter to this mixture and saute until onions are softened. Remove from heat and add pomegranate seeds and carefully mix to avoid breaking the seeds. Ingredients for one 300 g chicken: prunes — 50 g, seedless raisins — 50 g, onions — 50 g, oil or butter — 50 g, pomegranate seeds and salt — to taste.

Stuffing III

Finely chop suluguni cheese (cheese closely resembling salted mozzarella cheese). If desired — add pomegranate seeds to this stuffing.

Stuffing IV

Pound shelled walnuts together with garlic, chili pepper, and salt, then squeeze oil from this mixture. Add finely chopped cilantro, onions, pomegranate seeds or barberries to the crushed walnuts and mix thoroughly. Chicken stuffed with this stuffing can be from time to time brushed with squeezed walnut oil. Also, chicken stuffed with walnut stuffing can be cooked in a covered oval dutch oven.

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