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December Menu

Salads and Cold Appetizers Salad “Chumuk Tili” Boiled Tongue Kazy Radish Dressed Vegetable Oil First Course Soup with White Sorghum Flour Soup with Milk Mung Beans Soup Broth with Dumplings II Second Course Pilaf with Kazy Pilaf with Tail Fat Skin Fried Rice Pilaf Boiled Dough Steamed Buns Stuffed Spleen Kyima Dolma Dimlama with Sour... read more →

November Menu

Salads and Cold Appetizers Radish and Cheese Salad “Fantasia” Salad Liver with Lamb Fat Boiled Turnip First Course Mastava with Sour Milk Khorzem-Style Dumplings Vermicelli Shurpa Meat Broth with Potatoes Pasta in Sour Milk Second Course Pilaf with Quinces Pilaf with Chickpeas Pilaf with Pumpkin Rice Porridge with Dried Apricots Manti with Tail Fat Makaron... read more →

October Menu

Salads and Cold Appetizers Black Radish Salad Baked Fish Steamed Chicken Boiled Pumpkin Hasip with Rice First Course Soup with Meatballs Milk Soup with Rice and Pumpkin Shurpa with Fish Hasip Shurpa Second Course Pilaf with Eggs Stuffed Fat Netting Kokand Style Kebab Quails on a Skewer Steamed Mung Beans Manti with Pumpkin Samsa Stuffed Cabbage... read more →

September Menu

Salads and Cold Appetizers Vegetable and Meat Salad Fried Fish with Garlic Studen Stuffed Bread First Course Shurpa with Chickpeas Shurpa with Lamb’s Head Milk Soup with Noodles Pasta in Milk with Rice Noodles in Chicken Broth Second Course Bir-Guruch-Bir-Gush Pilaf Pilaf with Noodles Sorghum Porridge Titrama Kebab Mashed Potatoes Pilaf with Fish Porridge with Mung... read more →

August Menu

Salads and Cold Appetizers Various Salads Lamb Baked in a Tandoor Cold Lamb Tail Quick-Piclked Cucumbers Homemade Sausage First Course Sour Cream Soup Mastava with Herbs Soup with Mung Beans and Noodles Corn Cooked in Milk Chalop Chicken Broth Second Course Safaki Pilaf Pilaf with Quails Shavlya Liver Kebab Porridge with Mung Beans and Rice Kazan... read more →

July Menu

Salads and Cold Appetizers Salad with Tomatoes and Onions Vegetable and Herb Salad Chakka Quick-Pickled Tomatoes First Course Quail Broth Shurpa with Cabbage Shurpa with Corn Shurpa with Stuffed Bell Peppers Kakurum Milk Soup with Mung Beans Noodle Soup with Pelmeni Second Course Pilaf with Stuffed Sweet Peppers Rice Porridge Boiled Beans Fried Cauliflower Stuffed... read more →

June Menu

Salads and Cold Appetizers Tomato Salad Cucumber Salad Yahna Barra First Course Soup with Mung Beans and Rice Manchiza I Shurpa with Tomatoes Shurpa with Cabbage Rice Soup with Sour Milk Meat Soup with Cracked Wheat Second Course Ivitma Palov Adzhabsanda Corn Porridge Rice Porridge with Milk Corn on a Skewer Porridge with Beans Pilaf with... read more →

May Menu

Salads and Cold Appetizers Rhubarb Salad Cucumber and Egg Salad Radish Salad Kallya-Pocha Boiled Liver First Course Mashurda with Sour Milk Kavurma Shurpa Shovul Shurpa Sutli Umoch Oshi Soup with Beans Milk Soup with Pasta Second Course Zarchava Pilaf Pilaf with Clarified Butter Titrama Kebab Stuffed Grape Leaves Stew with Vermicelli Samsa with Eggs Kyima Biyran... read more →

April Menu

Salads and Cold Appetizers Turnip and Mushroom Salad Salad with Suzma Steamed Hasip First Course Darmon Shurpa Shurpa with Pelmeni Mash Atala Erma Soup with Morels Mastava II Milk Soup with Rice Second Course Pilaf with Stuffed Grape Leaves Pilaf with Meatballs Manti with Mung Beans Kebab with Morels Braised Herbs Fried Eggs Dimlama Lagman... read more →

March Menu

Salads and Cold Appetizers Radish and Pistachio Salad Braised Turnips Sausage Stuffed with Rice Barra Gusht Lungs with Milk First Course Noodle Soup with Pelmeni and Meatballs Soup with Sheep Fat Tail Manchiza Pieva Rice Soup with Dried Cherry Plum Rice Soup with Turnips and Sour Milk Second Course Pilaf with Turnips Charvi Kebab Fish... read more →