Boiled Artichokes

Only artichoke hearts and leaf bases are edible, leaf tips are not. Artichokes need to be prepared as follows: cut off the stems just underneath the base and cut off hard parts of leaves. Rub the bottom of the artichoke heart with lemon,  to prevent the part where the stem has been cut off from turning dark. Remove the core of the artichoke with a handle of a tablespoon. Wash prepared artichokes, put in a pot in on row, pour over with enough hot water just to cover the artichokes, salt and boil for 10-15 minutes with lid closed. Readiness of artichokes can be tested with a knife blade tip: if the knife easily passes through the artichoke, it is ready. Put ready artichokes into a sieve with bottoms facing up, drain, then put artichokes on a plate with an envelope-folded napkin.

Put artichokes in one row, decorating with greens

Egg sauce with wine or egg-butter sauce should be served with artichokes.