Vegetable Stock Borsch


100 g cabbage
70 g beets
60 g potatoes
15 g carrots
5 g celery
50 g tomatoes
5 g parsley
10 g butter
30 g sour cream
350 g water
lemon acid as desired (or apples or black currants)

Peel and julienne beets, salt, sprinkle with lemon acid diluted with water and mix. Then add butter and 100 grams of water, close lid and braise for 20-30 minutes on low heat, after which add chopped carrots, celery, 20 g tomatoes and braise for another 10 minutes. Add chopped cabbage to prepared vegetables, pour over with water or vegetable broth, boil, add chopped potatoes and cook until ready. When borsch is done, add the rest of sliced tomatoes. Before serving, add sour cream and sprinkle with chopped greens.

This recipe is for patients with liver disease.