Fried Woodcock, Snipe, Garganey, Quail

Salt prepared game, put in shallow pot or frying pan with heated butter. Fry until caramelized crust forms on all sides evenly. After that, place pot in the oven or cover with lid and keep frying on low heat, pouring the bird over with butter in which it is frying. Frying time for woodcock, snipe and garganey is 20-25 minutes. Quail is fried for 10-15 minutes. When game is ready, remove from pot and put and heated plate, on top of sliced bread fried in butter (sliced into squares 1 –  1  1/2 cm /0.4 – 0.6 in thick, with a dent in the middle). Cover game with strips of fried bacon and pour over with strained juice obtained while frying and melted butter. Decorate with parsley. Separately serve green salad, fruit or celery salad.