Okroshka with Fruit Infusion


100g fresh cucumbers
10 g lettuce
5 g parsley
60 g potatoes
5 g dill
1 egg
50 g sour cream
5 g sugar
5 g lemon juice
400 g fruit infusion

Dice fresh cucumbers and potatoes (boiled with skin, then cooled and peeled). Finely chop lettuce, parsley, dill. Hard boil an egg, chop the white, rub the yolk through a sieve and mix with sour cream. Pour everything over with fruit infusion, add vegetables, greens, sugar and lemon acid.
In order to make fruit infusion, take 100 g apples or 25 g dried fruit, pour over with 2 cups of boiling water, boil and let it infuse under a lid for 3-4 hours.
Instead of fruit 100g rhubarb or 20 g dog rose may be used.

This recipe is for patients with heart, kidney disease and high blood pressure.