Languette with Garnish

Wash and trim tenderloin, and slice across the grain (2 slices per serving). Pound slices of meat until very thin, season with salt and pepper and fry in oil on very hot skillet. Put meat on a plate and deglaze the skillet with couple of tablespoons of water or stock. Pour pan sauce over meat.

Garnish meat with green peas with butter, sliced carrots, and fried potatoes.

Fried Rib-eye with Potatoes

Wash and trim beef rib-eye, cut into serving pieces and pound slightly. Slightly pound it, season with salt and pepper, cook  on both sides in oil on a very hot skillet or shallow pan until nicely browned.

Put cooked beefsteak on a plate and pour pan juices or melted butter over it. Garnish with fried potatoes (or  potatoes mashed with milk) and grated horseradish. Sprinkle finely chopped dill or parsley leaves over potatoes.

Beefsteak with Onions

Prepare tenderloin just like in the recipe “Beefsteak with Potatoes”, with only difference being — meat slices should be pounded to make them thinner and wider. Caramelize washed peeled and sliced into rings onions (1/2 onion per serving) in oil. When serving — put caramelized onions over fried beefsteak and pour pan juices or oil over.  Garnish with fried potatoes.

Beefsteak with Potatoes

Wash meat (tenderloin), remove tendons, cut across fibers into slices weighing approximately 100 – 150 g / 4 – 5 oz, pound with meat mallet, sprinkle with salt, pepper, put on a very hot skillet with butter and fry on both sides until fully ready (10-15 minutes).

When steak is ready, put it on a plate, pour over with juice and butter. Serve fried potatoes and peeled, washed and planed horseradish. Cucumbers or salad may be served separately.