Boiled Meat in Sweet and Sour Sauce


150 g beef
5 g butter
30 g sour cream
5 g wheat flour
10 g raisins
15 g prunes
25 g apples
5 g dill
100 g vegetable broth

Boil lean and tender mean and cut it in 2 pieces. Make sauce from flour, sour cream and vegetable broth (see appropriate recipe). Soak raisins and prunes in cold water.
At the same time, chop apples and prunes. Put butter into a pan, pour in some water, add meat and then fruit on top. Cover with lid and braise for 5 minutes, then pour over with sauce and braise for another 10-15 minutes. Before serving, pour over with chopped greens.

This recipe is for patients with heart, kidney disease and high blood pressure.