Vegetables and Mushrooms

Vegetables contain necessary nutrients for the human body: carbohydrates, proteins, mineral salts and vitamins. While vegetables don’t contain as much protein as animal products, and mostly don’t contain any fat, they are very rich in mineral salts and vitamins.

Acids, attars and oils in vegetables also have a very pleasant taste, enlivening food.

Some vegetables, such as lettuce, radish, tomatoes, cucumbers are eaten raw, but most vegetables are cooked – boiled, steamed, braised, fried or baked. There are great numbers of delicious and nutritious dishes that can be prepared from vegetables.

Vegetables have to be thoroughly washed first and then peeled. Potatoes, carrots, beets and other root vegetables are peeled with sharp knife, which removes only the top layer. It is recommended to use a special grooved knife to peel vegetables.

Vegetables should be peeled immediately prior to cooking, since peeled vegetables quickly lose their aroma and wither; peeled potato not submerged in cold water quickly turns dark.

After peeling, wash vegetables again in cold water, and then cut into different shapes (tourne, dice, brunoise, rondelle, paysanne, batonnet, julienne, etc.)

Vegetables, especially boiled or steamed should be served with some kind of sauce. Sauces make vegetables taste better.