Tyal (Kaurma — Rillettes)

Chop lamb carcass into pieces and remove large bones. Cut meat into 200-250 g pieces, season with salt, and leave in a cool place for 7-8 hours. Rinse meat and cook it in water until half-done, then remove remaining bones.

Finish cooking lamb by poaching it in lamb tail fat.

Tightly pack cooked meat in a clay pot, cover with melted lamb tail fat. Tyal is now ready for storage. As tyal is consumed it is important to add more melted lamb fat tail — to keep meat covered with a fairly thick layer of it. ┬áIf, while tyal is stored, cracks appear on top of the fat it indicates that the meat has spoiled.

Tyal can be served hot or cold, it can also be used in other dishes. Tyal can be cooked with lamb or beef.

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